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About D. Evans 

Instructor & Master Stylist

We are called to be BOLD”

Joshua 1:9 

About the Founder

Dominique Evans is the artistic director and founder of
HairArt by Dominique and HABD The Hair Care Experience Products.

Dominique is not just a hairdresser; she’s a world-renowned international stylist and instructor. She is known through the industry as a master stylist for women all over the world to celebrity clientele. However, she makes everyone feel like a celebrity once they take that seat!


When you book Dominique, you’re booking an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. She doesn’t just give you a beautiful hairstyle; she gives you a feeling of confidence, empowerment, and inspiration.

As mentioned aside to being a master stylist, she’s a powerful instructor. She combined her passion and her influence to teach other upcoming or well-known stylist styling”The HairArt” way!  It speaks volumes for someone to share their sparkle with others.


As an instructor she travels the world from city to city and country to country teaching, educating and demonstrating how to become not just a master stylist but an innovator in the industry. They say “where there is no vision, there is no hope” She provides a telescopic view into how she built herself and her brand from just a vision she had for herself as a stylist and what is now a well-known brand. She shares, she breaks down her undoubtedly will to make her dreams come true, her will to succeed and her contagious belief in herself and others with her trainees. Dominique’s persona is to build her trainees up to be successors in the hair industry. So she teaches every stylist she encounters how to plant the seeds to grow and blossom!


“Never underestimate the power of a planted seed”


D. Evans

HABD Hair Care
Founder and Instructor

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